Revealed: The secret to New Years Resolutions unearthed

Are you like many of us who make the most adamant of promises to yourself and the universe at the beginning of each new year?

Are you like many of us who find the end of January approaching and find your goals unmet and discarded? 

Let me let you in a little known secret. 

Get help!

I don’t mean find someone with a sofa to lay into and divulge everything from your awkward childhood. I mean find a partner. Someone to help you with some of your goals. 

If you want to scale Everest – find a Sherpa. 

If losing weight is your goal – pick a personal trainer you find will help. 

If saving money makes it up there, talk to Matthew – your personal mortgage broker. 

Why is this a secret? It’s not done. People don’t like telling their goals to someone for fear of being committed. Telling someone your goal, or at least writing it down makes you instantly more accountable to your goals. 

It follows then that this is the same reason you’re therefore statistically more likely to achieve your goal. Always assuming it is a S. M. A. R. T. goal in the first place. 

So if you’re looking to partner with someone with more knowledge of the current loans available in the market than the guy from accounts you chat to in the tea room on Fridays… Call Matthew today.