Unsecured Business Finance

Commercial Finance Melbourne

So you’re ready to move to the next level and need some business finance to get you there?


Unsecured finance is especially useful for when you’re looking to grow your business, start a new business, buy a business or take advantage of a bulk buying offer from a supplier.


Commercial finance isn’t only about property and buildings, one aspect of our business that we love here is seeing our clients grow themselves. We’ll work with you in partnership as your banker/financier and ensure that at all stages you’re able to get the best for you.


Unsecured finance is structured usually as a charge over the business as well as directors guarantees and is especially useful for new businesses as the servicing is based often on proposed profit and loss.


Banks in the market at the moment have a good appetite for unsecured lending after the recent APRA changes.


So if you’re:


  • Seeking finance to buy a franchise
  • Looking for finance for shop fittings or retail fitouts
  • Starting a new café
  • Buying an existing café
  • Needing to grow your business
  • Purchasing a book of clients in accounting or law firms



Financing your business growth or acquisition in the most effective way is important, there’s a balance between cost and risk so an indepth conversation is as valuable as partnering with the right team.


If there’s anything else you want to discuss, let’s catch up for a coffee and see what we can do, and where you could be.



Contact us here for more information and a no obligation chat/coffee.