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Burgundy House specialise in finding the most appropriate home loan for their clients, of the 25 lenders on our panel we’re confident one of them will offer a deal that is suited just for you.

If you’re one of the following:

  • Looking to buy your first property
  • Looking for your next property
  • Looking for an investment property
  • Looking to refinancing an existing home loan

Or even if you’re not, but you’re looking for more information, get in touch with us.


Some of our favourite clients to work with are first home buyers and first time property investors. These are the clients we can demonstrate real genuine value to when discussing their home loan needs. We also get to grow with them, assisting not only at the initial loan transaction, but in detail after that on debt reduction, investment property portfolio structuring, business finance or car and person needs too.

Getting your first home loan can seem daunting, but with the right team in place to guide you and hold your hand through the process it takes a great weight off your shoulders.


First timers aren’t our exclusive client base, we also enjoy working with seasoned investors, looking for a fresh approach to their home loan portfolio, perhaps looking to spice things up and add in a commercial or industrial property. As you’ll see from the rest of our page here, we’re predominately focused on commercial finance, but not exclusively. We know to properly service our commercial finance clients, we also must look at their home loans and vice versa, to be able to see the picture as a whole.


Our business thrives on referrals, we’re pleased that we have a good following of satisfied clients that we keep in touch with and are on the journey to financial freedom.


If you’d like to join with them and start your journey to property ownership and financial freedom – get in touch and let’s grab a coffee and have a chat and see how we can help.


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