Asset and Vehicle Finance

If you’re looking for a new set of wheels to get about in, perhaps a new Hyundai i30, or a Toyota Hilux – don’t let the dealer sell you down the Nile with hard sales tactics and pressure. Save money by sourcing your own finance beforehand. Be comfortable with your repayments and the level of debt you’re getting into and have us compare the market for you.


Customers are always surprised how much they saved just by chatting to us. We have dozens of car and asset financiers including the main banks on our panel to offer and compare when we quote you. The dealer finance is usually just the one that they work for and have only one rate they can offer and one set of policies.


We, on the other hand, being independent of any one lender are free to compare and source you a deal that suits your own personal circumstances.


1% Finance Offers!

Have you been offered “1% finance” on a new car and need to know if it’s a hot deal? While 1% finance is a cracking rate – did you know that a car dealership isn’t a charity and are in the business of making money, not giving it away?


Where there’s a promotion for 1% finance (or similar) the cost of discounting the rate that low is made up in the cost price you pay for the car. Use our handy calculators here to compare the interest you’ll pay and how much you could negotiate off the total price of the car.



Compare the market and get in touch with us today to chat – it’s easier than you might think to save.


To find out about the seamless process, let Matthew know about your needs.

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